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Service2CEO Is an entrepreneurship program for military-connected entrepreneurs.  Our comprehensive curriculum has a proven track record of empowering those who serve to launch, grow and scale their business successfully.  Our program provides resources, networks of people committed to your success, and an actionable curriculum that accelerates your business to the next stage of development.


How we do it

We offer online learning with mentors, subject matter experts, and accountability partners.
Classes are presented by our vet
ted Subject Matter Experts and Pre/Post online coursework and mentoring sessions.
Graduating participants can present their Pitch Decks to a national audience and friends, family, funders, and community leaders.
Our Chapter Leads are members of Team Rosie and are graduates of the program.  They will guide you through the curriculum and support you every step of the way.

The course is rigorous but completely manageable as it is designed to be broken down into manageable chunks so that you are able to keep up with the rapid pace if you are willing to complete the weekly pre/post homework assignments.