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The 5 Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses

“Did you know that 1 in every 3 small business owners gets penalized by the IRS for payroll errors? Those fees and fines add up. When you add on the extra time and energy of figuring out the complicated payroll system, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a great place to cut costs. Many small business owners choose to pay for a payroll service. That way, you won’t need to worry about legal mistakes, clerical errors, or wasted time. Here are five of the best payroll options for small businesses” - Jared Hecht Founder and CEO, Fundera

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15 Entrepreneurial Key Success Factors

Startup List of Resources

  • Startup resources from the government

  • Home Based Business & Franchises

  • Legal Information & Documents

  • Small Business Websites & Magazines

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How to Write a Business Plan


ADP: Automated Data Processing

API: Application Program Interface

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASN: Advanced Shipment Notice

CLV: Customer Lifetime Value

CMS: Content Management System

COGS: Cost of Goods Sold

CPC: Cost Per Click

CPTAL: Capital

CR: Conversion Rate

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CSS: Cascading Style Sheet

CTT: Critical Time Tracking

DMP: Data Management Platform

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange (capable)

EPM: Earnings Per Thousand

EPS: Earnings Per Share

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

FTP: File Transport Protocol

GNFR: Goods Not For Resale

GPC: Government Purchase Card

GTIN: Global Trade Item Number

IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

ISO: International Standards Organization

ITU: International Telecommunication Union

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

MVT: Multivariate Testing

NAP: Non-Performing Asset

NAV: Net Asset Value

OC: Opportunity Cost

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

OSI: Open Systems Interconnection

P/E: Price-to-Earnings Ratio

PC: Percent

PPC: Pay Per Click

PV: Page View

RFP: Request For Proposal

RMU: Retail Merchandising Units

ROA: Return On Assets

ROE: Return On Equity

ROI: Return On Investment

RTT: Real Time Tracking

RTTS: Real Time Tracking System

SaaS: Software as a Service

SBM: Services Business Manager

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SMB: Small to Medium Business

TOS: Terms Of Service

TRUE: Tracking Real-Time User Experience

TTS: Time Tracking Software

TTS: Time Tracking System

UDP: User Datagram Protocol

UPC: Universal Product Code

UV: Unique Visitor

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