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Beyoutifully Uncommon

Like many Americans, the pandemic changed my life; it was a turning point. My active duty husband worked countless hours while I was quarantined and homeschooled our children. Our daily life was busy inside the four walls of our home, but my daughter Layla and I felt compelled to help others. We are a creative pair, passionate about giving back to our community. We gathered materials and stayed up day and nigh to hand-craft face masks. We stitched over four dozen masks and gave them to military members. The experiences of creating and giving back to our community during this time grew our desire to start our own business and give back to the community.

In 2021, I graduated from the Rosie Network's Sevice2CEO program and Layla from The Rosie Networks Kidpreneur Camp. The knowledge and skills we gained during these programs launched us into successful business ownership.

Today, we are the proud owners of CLES BeYoutifully Uncommon LLC. Our mission is to raise awareness of mental health and self-empowerment. We want to help people of all ages become the best version of themselves. Together we will continue to make this possible so we can help impact many lives.

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