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Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth Podcast Partners with The Rosie Network

Building financial stability and self-sufficiency in the military community has always been a challenging endeavor. But now, The Rosie Network and US VetWealth are joining forces to change that narrative, starting with Season 7 of Holding Down the Fort podcast. In Fall 2023, the podcast show will feature The Rosie Network's military-connected entrepreneurs. The collaboration feels like a 'full circle' moment for Jen Amos and US VetWealth, as The Rosie Network supported her husband, Scott R. Tucker, and the company in its' early stages. While the vehicle to self-sufficiency and financial stability for The Rosie Network is through entrepreneurship, US VetWealth's vehicles are alternative financial solutions in the private market to privatize the military pension. Cementing this collaboration, both The Rosie Network and US VetWealth aim to make a significant impact on the military community, drawing on their unique strengths to drive forward their common cause of economic independence.

The podcast will focus on what catalyzed the guests' entrepreneurial journeys, the transformative process of living purposely and joyfully, and how they maintain financial stability. Jen Amos, the long-time host of Holding Down the Fort by US VetWealth, hopes that showcasing the stories of military-connected entrepreneurs will remind our military community (entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike) that they have the power to shape their lives and financial future. Subscribe to the show's newsletter today! Readers will gain early access to the show's guest lineup, insider updates from behind the scenes, and free resources exclusively available to our subscribers.

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