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Strengthening Military Entrepreneurship: A Collaboration between Spouse-ly and The Rosie Network

Updated: Mar 30

We are delighted to share an exciting collaboration between Spouse-ly and The Rosie Network (TRN)! Our organizations are deeply committed to empowering military-connected entrepreneurs and nurturing the growth of military-family-owned businesses around the globe. 

Strength in Unity: 

In the spirit of "teamwork makes the dream work," Spouse-ly and TRN have teamed up to create a supercharged support system for our community. We firmly believe that when organizations join forces, the possibilities are endless, bringing our entrepreneurs to new levels of success. 

Rosie's List Evolution: 

Rosie's List, a free online business directory, launched the start of The Rosie Network over 12 years ago. Since then, it has connected thousands of military family-owned small businesses with American consumers seeking to patronize them.  

During this time, The Rosie team recognized a gap in knowledge affecting those transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses seeking to launch and grow their business and set out to develop what is recognized today as a best-in-class, national award winning program called Service2CEO. This curriculum-based virtual training and mentoring program and its on-going Alumni master classes are offered year-round and impacts approx. 5,000 military entrepreneurs each year.

Driving Success through Spouse-ly: 

This collaboration marks a transformative shift as Rosie's List redirects its energy towards supporting Spouse-ly's thriving online marketplace. By doing so, both organizations aim to create a dynamic collaboration where businesses not only survive, but thrive together. It's about building a community where success is not singular but shared among all participants. 

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape Together: 

The Rosie Network, focused on its training and mentorship program, Service2CEO, has decided to drive traffic to Spouse-ly. Why? Because the Spouse-ly online marketplace takes what Rosie’s List started and offers American consumers the means purchase products offered by military-connected small business owners directly. 

This collaboration goes beyond redirecting traffic; it signifies a collective commitment to provide exceptional wraparound services and support to our military entrepreneurial community. By joining forces, Spouse-ly and The Rosie Network are able to amplify the impact, provide unwavering support, as well as, celebrate the victories, big and small, of our incredible veterans and military spouses.

The Rosie Network Opportunities: 

TRN’s Service2CEO program, Alum master classes, Mentors MATTER initiative, and other offerings empower our nation’s next generation of military-connected small business leaders. These leaders are 10x more likely to hire other veterans and military spouses, impacing the financial stability of those who serve, our economy and the communities in which they live. 

Next Steps: 

Over the coming months, Spouse-ly and The Rosie Network will share details of this collaborative effort and stories of those small business owners impacted. Please visit our websites to learn more: 

In conclusion, we believe when organizations work together we create a ripple effect that strengthens our entrepreneurial community. Teamwork truly does make the dream work. 

Stephanie Brown and Monica Fullerton

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