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The Seven Year Journey of Learning

HOW TO 'MOUNTAIN UP' By Ryan Hunt Seven years ago this year, MOUNTAIN UP (, founded by Ryan Hunt, was featured in M.E. MAG. The MOUNTAIN UP lifestyle is about living life with a flair for adventure, patriotism and generosity. Ryan Hunt, who started MOUNTAIN UP, while on active duty in 2015 is now retired from the Army and has recently launched a start-up executive recruiting firm called Tenth Mountain Recruiting. Tenth Mountain Recruiting focuses on several specialties to include manufacturing, defense and government contracting, and logistics. Tenth Mountain Recruiting also has mission to help military servicemembers transition by offering a DOD SkillBridge internship in recruitment and helping to place servicemembers in great opportunities. Ryan commented: “Mountain Up was my undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and I have taken those lessons coupled with my desire to continue to serve in new ways and started up an executive recruiting firm called Tenth Mountain Recruiting.” Joining Ryan are several retired and still serving military servicemembers including Chris King, Brian Peters, and Larry Yu. Chris King, who is a medical retired captain, shared with us that “I think what makes Tenth Mountain Recruiting unique from other recruiting firms is the firm’s leaders are comprised of former Army Officers that all went through that career transition period. That is what fuels our passion to help others move to that next chapter in their lives after the military.” Brian Peters, who served as both enlisted and officer, brings over 20 years of military experience coupled with several years of experience in business sector. Larry Yu, who is still serving in the military, lends his dynamic style of management and leadership to the team as he prepares for his retirement in the next several years. As Tenth Mountain Recruiting marches through its first year, the team stays open-minded to new ideas and ways of doing business and make sure they remained flexible and willing to try new things. Tenth Mountain Recruiting also finds great value in networking and the synergistic opportunities that result in not only helping their business grow rapidly and in new directions, but other people and businesses. The team at Tenth Mountain Recruiting believes that entrepreneurship requires you to take the first step and don’t worry about failing forward. Lastly, remember that you have brothers and sisters in the veteran community, such as the Rosie Network, who are here to help you out and never give up on your dream to be an entrepreneur.” For more information, please visit their website at

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