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The Traveling Entrepreneurs


By Cathy Murphy

"As the country took its twists and turns into the 2020 COVID Pandemic and political riots, my heart was burdened with the desire to do something positive and productive to make a difference. I was so used to hosting gatherings to connect communities around a common goal of creating healthy habits, but in-person events came to a screeching halt! What can I do to impact people with my mission still to inspire healthy living?

My husband and I were sitting on a beach during a weeklong RV getaway, talking about our future. Our youngest child had graduated from high school and was preparing to leave for college out of state. We talked about our goal to move back to Texas to build our dream home after retiring from the Air Force.

That didn’t seem like an exciting dream anymore. Our conversation turned to our desire to travel, how amazing our RV weekend was, and how we could “totally live this simple way of life!” It was that very conversation that quickly became a reality as we returned home, called a realtor, signed a contract to sell our house and began the massive downsizing from a 4,000 square foot home to a 400 square foot RV in less than 90 days! It’s been nine months since we departed from Virginia, traveling across the country, visiting family and friends while building our businesses.

We believe our 30 plus years of marriage and military life taught us to be adaptive, resilient, and productive entrepreneurs.

My husband, Rick, went from flying heavy cargo planes to a senior Air Force headquarters position at the Pentagon to Government Contracting in the post-retirement corporate world. Transitioning to his own consulting business has given him the freedom to pick and choose who he serves when he wants to work and how much time he wants to commit to work versus play. As for me, I LOVE my new LIFE! I LOVE the freedom to travel, see new places, visit family and friends while building my health & wellness coaching business from the road.

One of the most challenging situations we have faced has been wi-fi connections, but we have figured out how to have backups to our backups.

I have spent the better part of the year investing in personal and business coaching. I am gaining clarity about my life goals (to travel and spend more time with my husband, family, and friends) and my business goals (to help people LIVE a LIFE that they LOVE by creating Healthy Habits). The biggest clarity I have discovered for me was that I needed to develop a process and a system that would allow me to step into my personal and business goals and navigate them seamlessly to inspire others to do the same.

I am deeply committed to investing in this process and so grateful for the opportunity to LIVE this DREAM that many have told me is their dream too. I’m here to say, YOU CAN DO IT, and I’m here to HELP YOU!

Cathy Turner Murphy is a former Labor & Delivery Nurse. She became a Health Coach after witnessing the benefits of focused health coaching that helped her son wean off seven medications prescribed for allergies and asthma. Her passion is to help others realize how powerful food and lifestyle habits can be in preventing and reversing disease. Health is WEALTH and the foundation to LIVING a LIFE that you LOVE.

For information on how Cathy can help you LIVE a LIFE that you LOVE by creating Healthy Habits, visit For more information about Rick and Cathy’s RV Life or Consulting from the road, email them at

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