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Tis The Season of Giving

This Giving Tuesday is special; it's my birthday, and I want to share my story with you. As a military spouse of twenty-two years, I have firsthand experience with military families' challenges. One of the most significant hurdles for families is the issue of unemployment or underemployment for military spouses.

During the initial years of my marriage, we lived overseas with an infant, attempting to make ends meet on a single income.

Despite holding a college degree, I could not work full-time due to the high cost of childcare. I faced difficulties securing employment because of being perceived as overqualified. I needed more viable options. Before of our overseas move, I had embarked on a Master's degree in Education to become a teacher.

As our financial challenges compounded, we looked at all our options; I considered returning to the States with our daughter, but instead opted to start my own business, offering English lessons from home. After completing the necessary paperwork, obtaining permission, and proudly displaying a sign outside my house, we marked the commencement of my first entrepreneurial journey!

Honestly, the venture didn't unfold as smoothly as I had hoped. I needed to gain essential knowledge about entrepreneurship, and my support system needed to be improved.

I could have used The Rosie Network's Service2CEO Program not only to educate me about entrepreneurship, and to help me grow my first business, but to also to provide me with a community & support system. 

I was first introduced to The Rosie Network eleven years ago. From that point, I saw the value of the organization's directory, Rosie's List.

Later, Service2CEO was developed to educate military-connected entrepreneurs. I took note. I was asked to join Team Rosie a few years ago and jumped at the opportunity. The Rosie Network has cultivated a community of growing military-connected entrepreneurs and given military spouses a portable career option that can move with them, and I am proud to share their stories and successes. The camaraderie and support curated within the Service2CEO and Alumni Programs are pivotal in constructing and fortifying communities and fulfilling military families' dreams of financial independence. 

The Rosie Network is committed to providing FREE programming to military families. Donations of any amount help fund programming and services that address military families' unique challenges, such as deployments, relocations, and the stress associated with military life. 

In honor of my birthday and my personal journey as a military spouse,

I am asking you give back to our nations heroes and their families.

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